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Assemblies of Yahweh Ministries Newsletter

              Issue No. 01                                                 India                                             September 2002


This first issue of the AOYM Newsletter is being sent to you to help bring about unity and fellowship amongst the various Assembly of Yahweh members in Andrah Pradesh.  If any recieveing this newsletter would like to have their name deleted from, or someone else added to, our mailing list, do contact us by postal or email.  We will publish the newletter in Telugu and English, it can be sent by postal or electronic mail.

 Telugu Sacred Name Bible Project

 Translation and typesetting work has begun on a Telugu Bible that will have the Sacred Names of Yahweh and Yahshua restored in it.  The work in going forward in Eluru, West Godavari Dt. of Andrah Pradesh, under the direction of Brother G.B. Ben Oni and Brother Matthew.  A whole new Telugu text is being prepared that will be based on the original languages of the Bible.  This project will take several years to complete and much hard work.  We plan on keeping everyone informed of the project through this newsletter.

 Our Fundamental Beliefs

 What does the Assemblies of Yahweh stand for that makes them different from other denominations of Christian believers?  In the next several issues we will look at this issue.  Any thoughts or comments would be welcome and responded to.  

 1.  The Word-  Isa. 8:20 says, "to the Law and Testimony if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light in them."  The term "Law" is "Torah" in Hebrew and the Strongs Hebrew Dictionary defines this as "a precept or statute, especially the Decalogue or Pentateuch."  The Decalouge is the Ten Commandments and the Pentateuch the first five books of the Bible. The English word "Testimony" is "Teudah" in Hebrew and means, "attestation, i.e. a precept or usage" this word is only used two other times in the Scriptures Ruth 4:7 and Isa.8:16.  Thus we see that the Laws of Yahweh and that which testifies to the law is the foundation of our faith.

In Jer. 6:16 it says, "Thus saith YHWH, stand ye in the ways and see, ask for the old paths wherein is the good way and walk therein and ye shall find rest for your souls."   Yahweh shows that prominence is to be given to what came first.

 It is interesting to note that Yahshua never wrote any book of the Bible nor did He command anyone to write a biography of His life.  It is good that we have the life of Yahshua written down but He never commanded anyone to do so as far as the Biblical records shows. Yahshua always referred people back to the Tanak(Old Testament).  When He was questioned His answer would be "It is written;  What is written in the Law?  how readest thou?"  Mt. 4:4,7,10;  Lk. 10:26.  The only part of the NT that we have record that it was specifically commanded of Yahweh or Yahshua, to be written, is the book of Revelation, Rev.1:11,19;  2:1,8,12,18;  3:1,7,14;  14:13;  19:9;  21:5.   Many parts of the OT were specifically commanded to be written down, Ex.17:14;  34:27;  Dt.27:3,8;  31:19;  Isa. 30:8;  Jer.30:2;  36:2;  Eze.24:2;  43:11;  Hab.2:2.  Yahweh commanded all men to write His laws on the doorposts and gates of their house, Dt. 6:9;  11:20.  Yahweh wrote the ten commandments with His own finger, Ex.31:18;  32:15.  Thus, we see the priority that the Law of Yahweh is given.

 The Apostle Paul commended the Berean brethern as noble in that they did not simply take his words as truth, but they searched the Old Testament Scriptures to see if what Paul was saying was correct, Acts17:11.   Notice it says that the Bereans searched the Scriptures daily.  In Paul's day the only Scriptures that they had was what we know today as the Old Testament.  Ps.1:1-3 is says the righteous meditate in YHWH's law, day and night.  In Numbers 28:1-4 it tells that a morning and evening sacrifice was to be offered daily to Yahweh, thus showing that we should have daily study and worship of Yahweh.

 From the above scriptures, we can conclude that the Laws of Yahweh are to be our standard of practice and belief.  This does not do away with any truth that came later than the Law of Mosheh, but all New truth must be in accordance with what came first.  Yahshua's Words and the Apostle Pauls words do not speak against the Law but, even if they did, the Law of Yahweh is our standard and we should accept it first and foremost. 

 The Festival of Tabernacles

 Every year in the seventh biblical month from the fifteen to the twenty-second day a festival of rejoicing in the Law of Yahweh was to be observed by the worshippers of Yahweh, Lev. 23:33-36.  The first and last day of this feast were to be Sabbath days of rest.  Yahweh commanded all males to attend this festival as they were to be the priests of their families, and they were not to come empty handed but were to bring offerings as they were able, Dt. 16:16,17.  Thus this year the feast of Tabernacles will be observed from Oct.22-29 at the Medipally Assembly of Yahweh, Medipally is a suburb of Hyderabad.  We will be serving meals each day and sleeping places will be provided in the Assembly building.  For more information contact Pastor Y. Sunith Premanand at:  40-4072976

 During the feast of Tabernacles Yahweh commanded the children of Ysrael to make temporary dwellings, this was to remind them of their wilderness sojourn and can reminds us today that we are only here in this world temporarily.  Yahshua Messiah is our example in all things(1pet.2:21,22), and it is recorded that Yahshua kept the feast of Tabernacles in John 7:10.  Zech 14:16-19 states that those who do not keep the feast of Tabernacles will not recieve the blessings of Yahweh.  So all of good will are invited to come and worship and recieve the blessings of Yahweh.

 After the death of Yahshua, His disciple were still keeping the annual festival of Pentecost as is recorded in Acts 2:1, and Yahweh showed His approval by sending His Holy Spirit in fullness and power.  We see that Paul commanded the Corinthian believers to observe the feast of unleavended bread in 1Cor. 5:7,8.  Other Bible verses give evidence of the observance of the annual feastivals by the early believers in Messiah, see Acts 18:21;  20:6;  27:9.

 If any are observing the festivals at a different place or time, do write and we will publish the location in future editions.

                                                        Peace and Blessings in Messiah Yahshua,

                                                        Brother Matthew


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