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"The Wages of Sin, is Death."

"The Soul that Sinneth, it shall Die."

All Nation's of the world have laws to govern their societies. These laws are made to promote the peace, happiness and general welfare of its citizen's. In order to maintain the authority of these laws, the governments will enact punishments that someone will receive if they knowingly transgress the laws. Without these punishments, many would not care to obey the laws and thus the harmony of society would be broken down into a state of chaos.

It is the same with the Laws of Yahweh, the self-existent Creator of the Universe. Yahweh's Laws are summed up in ten precepts, known as the Ten Commandments. The punishment for transgressing any one of these laws is eternal death. Being that all mankind has transgressed one or more of the Ten Commandments during their life, all mankind has come under the penalty of death.

But, Yahweh so loved His created beings that He devised a way that He could show mercy to sinners and yet at the same time, have the justice of His law met. Anciently Yahweh required a person that had sinned, to bring a particular animal to be sacrificed for that person's sins, but this animal only foreshadowed someone far greater. Yahweh foretold through His prophet Daniel that an Anointed One would come into the world and that when this Anointed One died, He would cause the sacrificing of animals to cease, Dan. 9:24-27.

4000 years after the creation of mankind, Yahweh looked over the earth and He found a righteous young lady named Mary. Yahweh's power came upon her and He caused her to become pregnant. Mary gave birth to a Boy that was God in human flesh, for His mother was Mary, but His Father was Yahweh Almighty. Yahweh told Mary to name the child Yahshua, meaning, "Yahweh's Salvation".

The life history of Yahshua is recorded in the first four books of the second half of the Bible, known as the New Testament. That Yahshua lived and died is recognized and testified by the title of the year in which we live. We live in the current year 2001A.D. A.D. stands for a Latin term, Anno Domino, meaning "in the year of our Lord." If someone lived before this time we will call it B.C., meaning "before Christ". Christ is a Greek word that means anointed in English. The Hebrew word for anointed is pronounced as Messiah in English. What is it about this man that has caused even the very years in which we live, to be based around when He was born?

The Bible records how Yahshua lived a perfect life of working hard and helping all that He could. When Yahshua was 33 ½ years old He allowed Himself to be put to death by the corrupt authorities of His day and three days later, Yahweh raised Him from the grave. He walked on earth for fourty more days and then ascended into heaven, into the presence of His Father, Yahweh El Shaddai (Almighty). When Yahshua was raised from the grave it is recorded that He was not a Spirit, He could eat, and had flesh and bones. Yahshua was raised as a man. The wages of sin is not temporal death but eternal death and thus Yahshua's dietyship had to die an eternal death, and only in this way could the justice of the law truly be met. Another man or even an angel could not die for sinful man, because they are not equal to the law of Yahweh, which is what man had transgressed. Salvation for sinful man could only be obtained through the life and death of Messiah Yahshua. If any man will believe in Yahshua as the Anointed One for his sins, and openly show that he believes by being immersed in water in Yahshua's Name, he will be forgiven of all his transgressions of the Law of Yahweh, Mark. 16:15,16. He will stand in Yahweh's sight as though he had never sinned. Yahweh can show mercy to the repentant, believing sinner, and the authority and justice of His Law is still maintained in the death of His Son, Messiah Yahshua. So, thus we see that justice and mercy have met each other.

The choice is up to you my Friend. Will you choose to believe in Yahshua as the Anointed One that died for your sins? Or do you still have questions and doubts that need to be cleared first? To respond, email to the address below.